Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pay Back Time

Forget what you might have ever heard about pay back.

It really can be fun!

The first part of the WSU Beach Watchers program includes FREE training in marine biology, coastal geology, wildlife, urban growth, and local watershed issues from an objective, scientific point-of-view. In addition to our time spent in the classroom, we have enjoyed field trips exploring local beaches, streams, forests, and agricultural lands. As pay back, Beach Watchers commit to contributing volunteer time enhancing our community through our choice of team and individual projects.


With classes nearly finished, teamed with a fellow classmate and Master Composter / Recycler today, we staffed a booth at the annual Master Gardeners Plant Sale at Hovander Homestead Park sharing information about the Beach Watchers Program, the benefits and how-to's of putting in rain gardens and the importance and how-to's of composting.I love it when the projects I involve myself with cross paths! Here, Dee and Ben Andrews of our new Cordata Community Gardens stop by for tips on adding a composting bin to our gardens.
My highlights from the Master Gardeners annual plant sale and Hovander Homestead Park.

Set in beautiful park grounds, complete with old farm buildings and trails to explore after I had finished my shift at the Beach Watchers booth, pay back really can be fun. Really!

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