Thursday, May 7, 2009

Watching the Garden Grow

With what felt like constant rain and high winds since I had planted my tomatoes and herbs the other day, and after having spent much of yesterday under a tree by a stream in the forest, I hadn't had the chance to see if my tomatoes were still standing. I decided to check on them this evening. Much to my delight, my tomatoes looked great. Amazed, I could actually see how much stronger and hardy the plants appeared after only two days in the garden.
The spring rains have given everyone's little seedlings a great boost. Every raised bed in the garden looked great! I liked this view when I looked down a row of raised beds - all lined up, so similar, yet so different.
More pics of the garden today!

With a full weekend of gardening planned, by Monday, I should be able to sit back and watch my garden grow!

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