Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Forest Conservation Tour

Under the natural protection of the canopy of a large tree, even though it was raining, we stayed relatively dry at our station during the annual Forest Conservation Tour.
The trail down to our station along Olsen Creek.
Helping students familiarize themselves with some of the aquatic insects found in a healthy forest stream, we were visited by fifth and sixth graders from Mt. Baker's Harmony Elementary and Ferndale's Eagleridge Elementary.
Students helped identify insects and learned about the different water conditions found in forest and urban streams.
Macroinvertebrates were gathered from Olsen Creek and placed in containers of water with sticks from the stream so that the students could view a sampling of these acquatic insects in their natural habitat - immature mayflies, stoneflies, caddisfly, maggots, midge larvae and more.
After the tour, all insects were returned to the creek.
Another "pay back" opportunity through the WSU Beach Watchers program!

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