Friday, May 29, 2009

Obstruction Pass Park

Obstruction Pass Trail is said to be one of Orcas Island’s lesser-known hiking areas. Obstruction Pass Park, an 80-acre Department of Natural Resources recreation area is a short distance off the Olga to Doe Bay Road, a very pretty drive on the way to the park. Here's the view enjoyed from the trail before heading down to the beach.A beautifully sunny day, Torrie and Sucia wade out to be refreshed by the coolness of the water.I like it when I get to learn something new! One of the interperative signs along the trail taught me about graywacke. Created during the scouring action of glacier exposed bedrock, graywacke is a sedimentary rock comprised of silt that settled on the ocean floor millions of years ago and was hardened by pressure and heat, then pushed to the surface as oceanic and continental tectonic plates collided. If I had ever heard the term graywacke before, I could not recall, but as I stood there looking at this giant wall of graywacke, I had to touch it and tried to imagine what sounds the earth might had made so many millions of years ago when those tectonic plates were colliding.On the beach during a low tide, I tried to identify as many of the intertidal species as I could. Here, a sample of rockweed.
The ferry ride back to the mainland provided quite a spectacular view as we made our way around the islands.
More photos from this visit to Orcas Island.


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