Saturday, May 23, 2009

Call Me Chicken

Making our way through the line of doting dog and cat owners waiting in turn for shots for their pets, Torrie, so trusting, passively sat there, accepting the extra attention they gave him – even when jabbed with needles by their other hand! Then, after getting his nails trimmed, I we went by the "cookie" bar and selected some special, heart-shaped treats to take home. To his delight, our next stop was their toy section so he could pick out a replacement for that old thing he's been sucking on since Brian gave it to him, wow, maybe five years ago. I wonder if he will notice if the old one goes away?At the gardens today, someone had added a Y adapter to the faucet and attached a longer hose. Glad I had my own hose and sprayer with me as that new, longer piece of hose didn't have any way to attach a sprayer to its end - baby steps I guess. There's a cabbage in the bed directly under our faucet and it sure seems to be growing faster than anything else. Torrie sure enjoyed his new stakeout, thank you very much!

It must be Dragon Boat Festival time again. How quickly that holiday seems to roll around! Presented with my annual gift of zongzi by neighbors Zhangpeng Lu and Han Jing, I had to decide whether to have that or chicken for dinner. You can call me chicken!
On our walk after dinner, I sure enjoyed the colorful assortment of beautiful rhododendrons in our yard and throughout the neighborhood. Our State flower, their blooms are absolutely prime right now!

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