Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eat the View

Sipping another coffee while doing a little last minute online research about square-foot gardening before heading out my door with a pound of nails, a ball of twine, tape measure, hammer, garden gloves and camera, I ended up on a blog called Square Foot Gazette. Filled with lots of relative information and great motivation that I can apply to my gardening efforts this year, I kept reading and reading, page after page of their entries until until I came upon this video. I loved it, so thought I'd share!
Next, I had to go to the Eat the View website so I could learn about that too. Eat the View, a campaign to plant high-impact food gardens in high-profile places, is a great idea and proides even more motivation as I head off to my spot in our new community garden to get my space one step closer to being ready to plant. Good job Eat the View, and good job Square Foot Gazette!
My coffee cup drained, it was time for me to do my own gardening. My gardening tools for the day!
Mission accomplished! Also tending the raised bed for my neighbor, both have now been sectioned off and are ready to plant - square-foot garden style!

We are told that our water will be turned on tomorrow! Both a strawberry patch and a rhubarb bed have been added. Holes have been dug and are ready to plant the six apple trees our gardens have been gifted. A row of blueberry bushes are full of buds, just about ready to open and a raspberry patch has been started. More photos show the great progress going on at our gardens.

Our gardeners visit and work together when there. We are growing community!

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